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Eloise Asylum:
The History, the Humanity and the Haunts

In America’s early history, the enactment of Poor Laws and the establishment of poorhouses and asylums gave physically, mentally and emotionally disabled people a place to live and eat. But what kind of life did they have in these charity institutions? How did they die and what did they leave behind?

This book examines the answers to these questions and more as they arose at Eloise Poorhouse and Psychiatric Hospital. This is not only a brief history of almost 150 years of Eloise, located in Westland, Michigan, but also it introduces you to stories of the true humanity of the lost souls who experienced traumatic deaths that may have led to the current hauntings. Actual paranormal experiences people have had over the past few years along with stunning photographs are revealed for the first time. By combining the history, humanity and hauntings, you will meet Eloise through the eyes of those who experienced this sometimes unforgiving institution firsthand.

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Cassandra St. Croix

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s, Cassandra St. Croix had longed to visit the abandoned Eloise Asylum. Thirty years later, she finally had her chance. Now as a paranormal investigor and mental health counselor, she has combined her love of writing, history, mental health and ghost hunting all in her first book.

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